Pockets full of power: Physical location counts in Scrum.

I  promised myself that I wouldn’t get too precious with how perfect my blogs are before I hit publish.

So here you go.

This is a nice example of a Scrum transition I just worked with in creating Scrum teams.

We had physical  rows of the same people sitting together (The Design desk,The Product desk, The QA,Desk , The Developers Desk)

We needed little pockets of different people sitting together.

Cross disciplined little pockets of people.

And thats what we did..


Its basic.

It’s also very powerful.

The physically located pockets of people makes Scrum powerful.

Power is the ability to act.

When we are physically located in our Scrums we are exposed to all the information we need, to be able to act!

“Oh that User Story isn’t quite like that”

“Ahh I got an idea for that implementation!”

“Nah, the GIVEN, WHEN, THEN should go like this…”

We need to overhear things, we need people local to us so we can be bothered to ask questions, decipher things, bounce ideas & so on.

The best Scrum teams don’t just exchange information in their Scrum events (Stand ups, Retros)


They exchange information continually.

That’s allot easier when your physically located in your Scrum team.

Get moving!


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