London based Scrum practitioner. I’m passionate about humans & believe in positive intent. Maybe that’s why I’ve naturally enjoyed the servant leadership thing over the HeadMaster style. I have peers, no subordinates. Flat Armies rule. I get into organisations & cut through useless politics to get to the good stuff. In no particular order. A product which is awesome. That needs to start with a vision, a passionate one helps! Clear goals. Oh and some support top down, that’s handy for an Agile transition 😉

I usually get beaten up, I don’t alway win. Sometimes I get some stealth Scrum going & sometimes I get buy-in at board level – regardless I’m a trier & love having a go. If I wanted a job where I could conform I would have stayed in banking a long time ago.

This blog doesnt contain all the answers, but it does allow other ScrumMasters to realise they aint the only ones going through the motions.


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